Find and activate public stations through one app

You can now subscribe to ChargeHub Passport to activate over 5000 public stations from different networks in North America directly on the ChargeHub app.

Too many charging apps on your phone?

With three partner networks already announced and more coming soon, say goodbye to that charging folder on your phone and your countless network cards. Plan your trips, find public stations and activate them directly within the ChargeHub app.

Multiple networks, one account

Don't worry about managing multiple accounts in different apps. ChargeHub Passport allows you to charge at our partner network stations.

All of your history in one place

No need to open a bunch of apps on your phone and your computer when checking your charging receipts. Find all of your history in one place.

The payment method that suits you

Pay for your charging session with the card that suits you. As well as being able to use VISA, MasterCard and American Express, support for Apple Pay is already available on iOS, with Android Pay coming soon.

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