EVoInnovate: Modern. Compact. Powerful.

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All You Expect In A Charging Station. And More.

The SAE J1772 connector works with every EV and PHEV on the market.

Compatible with all EVs

The EVoInnovate is UL listed.


7.7kW of power will charge your EV battery up to 8 times faster.

Fasting Charging

Why choose the EVoInnovate?

Use the same charger for your house and your cottage.


Easy to plug in a NEMA 6-50P plug with a hard-wire option.

Easy to install

The EVoInnovate is small, light, and fits everywhere.


An American Company

EVoCharge is a US Company, Committed to EVs: EVoCharge is a California based company solely focused on enabling, supporting and promoting the transition to transportation electrification. As one of North America’s original Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure providers, EVoCharge is a trusted and experienced multinational innovator, developer, manufacturer and supplier of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and industry-leading EVoReel® cable management solutions & products.

Why Order with ChargeHub?

Talk with experienced EV drivers

Phone: 1-(888) 400-0164

Email: info@chargehub.com

Need help?

Our products and services meet the highest quality standards.

High Quality

300 000 EV drivers trust ChargeHub to charge their cars.

Our Community

11" x 7,5" x 3,2" (28 x 19 x 8,1 cm)


18' or 25' (579 or 762 cm)

Cable length:

10 lbs (4,5 kg)


Want the Cleanest Charging Station Set-Up?

Order your EVoInnovate with the EVoREEL to ensure a great cable management for a clean charging installation.

Charge up to 8 times faster with EVoInnovate!

Estimated charging times for a full charge by vehicle model.

Vehicle model Level 1 EVoInnovate
BMW i3 16h30 3h
Chevrolet Bolt 43h 8h30
Fiat 500E 17h 3h30
Ford Focus EV 24h 5h
Hyundai Ioniq 20h 4h
Kia Soul EV 19h30 4h
Nissan Leaf 21h30 4h30
Smart Fortwo ED 12h30 2h30
Tesla Model S 60 Single 43h 8h
Tesla Model X 60 Standard 43h 8h
VW e-Golf 17h 3h30
Vehicle model Level 1 EVoInnovate
BMW 530e 6h30 2h30
BMW X5 xDrive-40e 6h30 2h30
Chevrolet Volt 13h 4h30
Chrysler Pacifica 11h30 2h30
Ford C Max Energi 5h30 2h
Ford Fusion Energi 5h30 2h
Hyundai Sonata 7h 3h
Kia Optima 7h 3h
Porsche Cayenne S E 7h30 3h
Toyota Prius Prime 6h30 2h30
Volvo XC90 T8 6h30 3h

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